Getting Yanked Out of Sleep in the Middle of a Sweet Dream

a woman sleeping peacefully

There are some days that days and nights merge into one. Although most such days fall on the weekends, some fall on weekdays, the incredibly tiring ones. Ones where the phones would not stop ringing, the client wouldn’t stop complaining, your friends would all bail on you, all your assignments would be due, and the coffee machine has called it quits. You get the gist, right?

Although there is quite a bit wrong with days like that, they have a major silver lining. Sleep, with its arms, stretched out, waits to engulf you in its warm embrace.

You are floating in the dream world, weightless, before your head hits the pillow.

In the dream, your conscience is as clear as it can get. By a significant stroke of luck, you have run into billions- can afford a lavish lifestyle – holiday homes in all your dream destinations, all the shopping you had ever wanted to do. You eat at the best restaurants and have a date with some celebrity every evening. To top it all off, you are getting everything right on Jeopardy. The night just couldn’t get any better.

All your subconscious mind is playing for you is good dreams, a cluster of bliss as if to make up for the horrible day you had. Awww!

You are excited about the next episode of this incredibly awesome life you are living. This one, you hope, is bringing you the Prince Charming, your Knight in shining armor. What better way to sign off, than ride into the sunset with the love of your life for a Happily ever after?

It’s precisely the moment when some @#$%@# roommate draws the curtain in your shared room in the college dorm. 

And then there was light.


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