About Us

This website is run by two creatures: a dragon and a monkey.

The dragon (Swati) reads many books and stories; in fact, that’s all it does besides sleeping for 10 hours a day and complaining that it doesn’t get enough sleep.

When it’s awake, the dragon writes about books, short stories and famous quotes that resonate with it. It reads several books and short stories every month, but chooses to write about only the ones that it liked.

The dragon is not a literary expert by any means; it’s just an ordinary dragon that wants to share with the world what it reads and thinks. And breath fire while it’s at it.

The monkey (Ashish) supports the dragon by ensuring that the website has good-looking buttons and doesn’t implode on itself. It also reads the dragon’s blog posts and makes annoying, high-pitched ‘wow!‘ noises while doing so.

The monkey uses its pen to not only stick it into its nose and ear, but also to write about stuff that makes it happy or stuff that it thinks of when it’s not eating bananas and/or scratching its ass.

Both the Dragon and the Monkey think of themselves as friends of words; not only because they believe in the power of words and that words help build some enduring and everlasting relationships, but also because most social interactions make them anxious.