Do You Peep Through the Peep Hole When Someone Passes Outside?

obama looking through peep hole

Peepholes, in my mind, are one of the most underrated conveniences of the modern world. How it came about to be invented is another and no less fascinating story. 

From the quite rudimentary fisheye lens that allowed you to quickly peek at your visitor from your apartment’s main door to today’s sophisticated home security systems, which let you monitor the space from pretty much everywhere in the house, this technology has had quite the evolution.

It has quite a few names, from the unoriginal doorhole and doorviewer to the more exciting magic eye and spy hole

a peep hole or magic eye on the door
A classic peep hole or magic eye on the door

Although the origins of the installation of such a device are primarily rooted in security, it is fascinating to see now that it has begun to serve a purpose much more varied – including satiating socially awkward cheap thrill seekers.

I was totally uninitiated in this realm until one of my very close friends from school decades ago decided to give me a surprise visit. 

After the first few days spent catching up and fangirling, things quieted, and I noticed a unique pattern. 

The minute there was the slightest noise or commotion in the hall, my friend would run to the apartment door, ensuring she wasn’t making any noise, and then patiently wait for the noise maker to appear within the peephole range.

Once she identified the source, she would describe the person to me and ask me who they were. It was fun in the beginning, seeing her unbridled childish joy. “She has not changed much since then,” I thought to myself and kept entertaining her curious requests. 

Though, things started to change when she began describing people I could not identify.

After living there for so long, how is it that I barely even knew all my neighbors on the floor? 

Seven families were on the floor; I should have known them all. This friend of mine had only stayed there with me for a few days and already knew as much as I did. That says something, doesn’t it?

My friend and I were socially awkward at school, which might have been why we gravitated to each other’s company in the first place. 

While she had continued to burnish her curiosity and the childish zeal to live her life, I lost that curiosity somewhere along the way. 

The realization was unsettling. I introspected and realized it was not me and that Google and IMDb search engines were to blame!

After the clouds of introspection and my friend departed, I came to a very logical conclusion in the interest of self-preservation.

Peepholes suck!

Also, to love thy neighbor, I need to know them first.


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