Do you take a break from doing ‘Nothing’? I do!

lazy man lying across the sofa

Every now and then, I indulge my mind’s whims. Let it run wild.

Not that you don’t know it already if you are a working individual, but Monday blues are the worst! Unless you are one of the unicorns that love the work they do, in which case, I hate you.

But this is about me and not you, so I will focus on the topic – which was – yes, Monday blues! 

My only effective way to cope with it is to dedicate Monday evenings to mindless movie watching. These movies are carefully chosen for me to ‘relax.’ I don’t like to be inspired on Mondays; that job is better done on Fridays. 

These movies are carefully chosen to use minimal brainpower; they are supposed to make me feel good or feel nothing. They can’t be too interesting, lest it makes me go into a wondering spree; they can’t be too dull. I have to be able to sit through them.

So one of those Mondays, I happened to watch a movie about a guy who was a millionaire, trying to lure/trick single moms into dating him. Women, drawn to his charming personality, would mostly love hanging around this guy, but those ‘romances’ were almost always cut short the moment the conversation drifted to the man’s occupation.

Here is a paraphrased version of the conversation for you

Woman: So what are you doing these days?
Man: I am on a break.
Woman: A break from what?
Man: Break from a break.
Woman (confused): So you have never worked in your life?
Man : Yea, something like that.

screenshot of a scene from the movie 'about a boy' showing hugh grant and rachel weisz
A scene from the movie About a Boy

Now, this single mom is from a working-class family; she finds it repulsive for a respectable man to do nothing but live off royalties. The fact that he is a millionaire does not mean anything to her. This apparent ‘relationship’ gets nipped in the bud.

I am writing about a movie I watched on a Monday, which made me break a pact I made with myself – never to watch movies that make you wonder. 

And yet, wonder I did, for days after. And I still do.

The guy lives the lavish life, doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

How incredible is that! 

I even thought of a whole movie starring me doing nothing. Well, I won’t be as useless as him, I guess. I like to read, the most random things I can find. I will probably make more constructive use of my time to perfect the art of using chopsticks. I may even add ten more words of French to my vocabulary. How about that! 

I may hire an assistant to manage my calendar, but seeing that there is nothing to handle, maybe she/he will quit of her own accord, or I will dramatically fire them. 

Maybe I will get one of those cool beach houses they keep rubbing into my face in that sitcom I watch on non-Monday weekdays. 

Perhaps I will call TV a telly to confuse my friends. 

Maybe I will hire that angry chef to be my butler.

What else would I do? Let me think.

I seem to be drawing a blank now. I have dreamed of this day to be doing nothing all my life, but now that it is here, I am not sure if I like it as much as I thought I would.

Without the fear of money running out, what will motivate me to get out of bed to be or do something?

What will I do with 10 hours of idle time every weekday? I know chopsticks are hard, but they are not hard enough to need 51052*40 hours of my life. Who would have thought doing nothing could be that hard?

Leslie Nelson apparently, when she said:

“Doing nothing is very hard to do. You never know when you’re finished.”

Who am I to disagree with Leslie Nelson?


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