Have You Ever Had Yourself a Bazinga! Moment?

There is a good chance that you would have heard about Big Bang Theory, and I don’t mean the scientific phenomenon that formed our universe, but the famous American TV series. You probably would have seen it too.  And if you have, you either loved it or hated it immensely. For some reason, there areContinue reading “Have You Ever Had Yourself a Bazinga! Moment?”

Do you take a break from doing ‘Nothing’? I do!

Every now and then, I indulge my mind’s whims. Let it run wild. Not that you don’t know it already if you are a working individual, but Monday blues are the worst! Unless you are one of the unicorns that love the work they do, in which case, I hate you. But this is aboutContinue reading “Do you take a break from doing ‘Nothing’? I do!”

8 Movie Things That Piss Me Off (Real Bad)

It has been more than a hundred years since cinema has been around, but there are some things that movies just wouldn’t quit showing. I don’t have a problem with that; sure, show the good guy winning in the end, winning over a girl, win a battle, crush the villain’s skull – good stuff allContinue reading “8 Movie Things That Piss Me Off (Real Bad)”