For The Folks Who Take TOO LONG to Order Food

I was rewatching the standup bit by John Pinette the other day – the one in which he expresses resentment against people that can’t decide what to get from the menu. He just wants them to get out of the line and let the others get served.  I love the bit, mostly because I love John PinetteContinue reading “For The Folks Who Take TOO LONG to Order Food”

Would You Keep Your Promise to Meet Someone Years Later?

Every now and then, I feel drawn to a particular genre of movies. Movies, where the lead characters of the same or the opposite sex make a pact to meet at a mutually agreed location sometime in the future. Sometimes in a month, some years, and sometimes in a decade or more.  The most recentContinue reading “Would You Keep Your Promise to Meet Someone Years Later?”

Where Would You Hang This Picture in Your Apartment?

If you are a creature known to browse the internet in your spare time, identifying (web)surfing as a hobby, there is a good chance that you have come across this picture- ”Lunch atop a skyscraper.”  For those who haven’t, fret not; I used to be the same as you until a year ago. Why that does/doesn’tContinue reading “Where Would You Hang This Picture in Your Apartment?”

Are You a Beach-Person or a Mountain-Person?

I have learned to understand that clickbaits are all around us. My daily visits to streaming platforms have taught me more than what I need to know to steer clear of those. Or that’s what I would like to think. But I fall for them at least a couple of times a week. After all,Continue reading “Are You a Beach-Person or a Mountain-Person?”

I already know where you are going, my dear!

There is a look about tourists, is there not? There is something in their manner that gives them away. It also helps that they are usually found in ‘the spots’ of the city; which makes the art of spotting them seem effortless. All that to say, I got a good taste of being spotted asContinue reading “I already know where you are going, my dear!”

Sorry, what did Betty buy again?

For some reason, someone decided that the best way for a person to perfect English pronunciation was to hone their skill in tongue twisters.  After all, what other way to royally mark your rite of passage to the world of fluent native speakers than: Being able to give a perfect account of a lady sellingContinue reading “Sorry, what did Betty buy again?”

How in the world do movie-people kick doors open so easily?!

I have been watching a lot of crime/investigation shows lately, and it has been messing with me.  No, it’s not the rampant gore that gets to me, thanks to my palms-to-eye coordination. Those babies are always on standby, deployed efficiently, at the slightest cue from the suspenseful background score. It’s the doors.  Yes, you readContinue reading “How in the world do movie-people kick doors open so easily?!”

Satiety or Sobriety: What would you choose?

Time and again, I find myself returning to the age-old humor classic Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat. I have sometimes wondered why that might be but have not pursued that train of thought for long in a desperate attempt to avoid paying any cognitive taxes.  I must admit that it has been life-transforming.Continue reading “Satiety or Sobriety: What would you choose?”

The Vintage Man – How Well Do You Know Your Cars?

Now and then, I would have an urge to figure out my IQ, driven mainly by ubiquitous android or iOS Logo quiz apps on every website I am on. They claim to tell you your IQ based on your performance on their quizzes. Guess the company names by looking at their logos- what better wayContinue reading “The Vintage Man – How Well Do You Know Your Cars?”