The Vintage Man – How Well Do You Know Your Cars?

Now and then, I would have an urge to figure out my IQ, driven mainly by ubiquitous android or iOS Logo quiz apps on every website I am on. They claim to tell you your IQ based on your performance on their quizzes. Guess the company names by looking at their logos- what better wayContinue reading “The Vintage Man – How Well Do You Know Your Cars?”

Have You Ever Had Yourself a Bazinga! Moment?

There is a good chance that you would have heard about Big Bang Theory, and I don’t mean the scientific phenomenon that formed our universe, but the famous American TV series. You probably would have seen it too.  And if you have, you either loved it or hated it immensely. For some reason, there areContinue reading “Have You Ever Had Yourself a Bazinga! Moment?”

The Lottery by Maria Edgeworth: Summary and Review

Did you know they had lotteries back in the 1800s? I didn’t.  So I was intrigued when I laid my eyes on The Lottery, written by Maria Edgeworth.  And thus began my 48-page journey into the exploration of lottery and its perception amongst the masses – then and now. The Lottery by Maria Edgeworth: Summary andContinue reading “The Lottery by Maria Edgeworth: Summary and Review”

Do you take a break from doing ‘Nothing’? I do!

Every now and then, I indulge my mind’s whims. Let it run wild. Not that you don’t know it already if you are a working individual, but Monday blues are the worst! Unless you are one of the unicorns that love the work they do, in which case, I hate you. But this is aboutContinue reading “Do you take a break from doing ‘Nothing’? I do!”

Are you watching closely?

I call myself a Nolan fan, mostly of his earlier works (to be clear, I fully comprehend what went down in Interstellar and Tenet. wink, wink). The Prestige happens to be my favorite Christopher Nolan movie of all time. I must have seen it more than five times. And given how obsessed I am with it, that numberContinue reading “Are you watching closely?”

Ladies by Anton Chekhov: Summary and Review

Let’s consider the following two statements: I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner! Listen, here’s what I can offer you.. Next week the clerk at our orphanage is going to retire.If you like, you can take his post! There you are! I have no post for you! None, none! Leave me alone! Don’t tormentContinue reading “Ladies by Anton Chekhov: Summary and Review”